New hats


A millinery in Paris

Just arrived from Italy, Veronica Marucci settles in the « Ville lumière » with the idea to put her unique pieces on Parisian heads. Willing to learn from the best, she had to search all over Paris to find experience and was brave enough to ring the doorbell of a former millinery who worked for the greatest designers.

Noticing her creativity, the professional accepted to become her professor. Armed with patience and determination, Veronica started to become familiar with millinery tools such as wooden hat-blocks, steam iron or the dummy head.

When she successfuly finished her learning, it is from her flat in the Marais that she created her first pieces, Christine, Bogart, Louise Brooks, Tamara de Lempicka,

Veronica Marucci milliner in Paris Boutique de chapeaux pour femme

many hats as many influences. From swallows in flight to iconic actresses of the 30’s that Veronica loves so much, everything is a reason to create a new unique hat, ornated with vintage applications found in little markets in France and Italy.

Little by little, the dream comes true and hats move from the flat to a lovely blue boutique, the 32 rue Saint-Roch. The store shelters a workshop, accessible by a secret spiral staircase, and where you can find the finest rabbit felters, ribbons, laces and Haute-Couture fabrics.

Now settled for a year, the rue Saint Roch’s millinery has met all kinds of people, like smart ladies from Beverly Hills, elegant Parisian gentlemen or brides from all over the world. But, for Veronica Marucci, the adventure has just begun.