New hats

A millinery in Paris

A millinery in Paris

The milliner Veronica Marucci Chapeaux welcomes you in her boutique – workshop located in the 1st district of Paris to present you her new seasonal collections.
You will appreciate her creations of hats, headgear, headdresses and masks, as elegant as they are unique, handmade and designed according to French hatmaking traditions. Tailored to best satisfy the tastes and desires of her clients, Veronica Marucci’s personalized creations are worn by ladies all over the world; whether for a very special occasion such as a wedding, a haute couture fashion show, a trip to the theatre or the cinema, or in ready-to-wear to perfectly match the chic Parisian style.

Veronica Marucci milliner in Paris Boutique de chapeaux pour femme

Veronica Marucci enjoys collaborating with many brands for her hat collections. She partners with many luxury brands for haute couture or ready-to-wear fashion shows. And soon, you will have the chance to see her creations through our 6th and 7th arts: performing arts and cinema.