A Deep Breath

Breathe deeply, close your eyes and concentrate before diving to release the adrenalin sleeping in your body. A few seconds of fear come first the big jump when the decision of risking has been taken. This spring lets us cross the unknown, change our course and experience the sensation of flying.

The impact of our body with water partially upsets the calmness of the dock. Now the bottom of the swimming pool seems so near and the hollow noises relieve our spirit.

Quickly our body starts moving, gets to the surface and makes use of all its muscles to fully experience the swimming sensations.
Every kind of swimming style conveys a message.

I am determined and I choose crawl for its speed and its short breathing times.
Butterfly stroke is extremely physical, it needs an intensive learning and it will show my passion.

Breaststroke is quieter and it will relax and soothe me.
If I let swimming dolphins style carry me away, the flowing and pure lines of the dolphin will deeply inspire me.

Special thanks and credit to Yang Wang photographer