Ready for a drink

The glamourous atmospheres of the trendiest villas in Miami and Saint Tropez are the ideal settings to catch a glimpse of a female silhouette lying at the poolside, sipping delightful cocktails.In this way it is possible to appreciate the beautiful colors which characterize the summer Sunset.

The hat is the essential ironic accessory for these occasion, the glaring allure, the protagonist of a look that will undoubtedly not pass unnoticed.The shades and colors that distinguish the summer Sunset, that is pink, orange, yelow and blue represent the ideal pallete to frame the 2015 spring- summer collection »ready for a drink » created by Veronica Marucci Chapeaux. All the creations are handmade, in authentic milliner tradition details as wide brims thinly conceal the eyes making way for charm and mistery.

The lampshade shapes give pop touch and a slight reference to the 60’s. The collection is composed of turbans, boaters, capelins and caps. The striped cotton and vichy canvas are bravely tied in a myriad of weaved straws with always different motives. Ribbons and the undisputed gross grain add a graphic touch to the collection.

Special thanks and credit to Yang Wang photographer