Don’t be jealous

Jealousy: uncontrollable feeling typical of people who are afraid of seeing the object of their love stolen. Everybody knows that when we lose our head it is difficult to balance accounts with our rationality.
The collection “Don’t be jealous” takes inspiration from famous and impulsive women: from the most libertine Marquise de Merteuil to the great explorer Alexandra Davis-Néel without forgetting the Far-West woman, Calamity Jane and many others. Free and self-confident creatures with a strong personality, they embody the ideal of a modern woman who lives her life with passion and a grain of unscrupulusness.

A line of hats characterized by pastel colours, such as baby rose, light blue and the camaieux of white and beige is made more mysterious and captivating thanks to a touch of dark blue, for a collection where past perfectly rhymes with present. The shapes are those ones of capeline, cloches and fedora, accompanied to more evening head pieces declined and shaped according to the dictates of the endless and timeless contrast between male and female.
The research of materials is made even more interesting thanks to the overlapping of affected veils on velour and flamand felts. A hat characterized by a strong personality becomes in this universe the protagonist of a whole outfit and magnet of curious and intriguing glances. Are you ready to be envied by all the other women?

Special thanks and credit to Yang Wang photographer