Birth of a Nymph

A key word for our new collection : transparency. We can distinguish but we can’t see everything while we are trying to focus through the veils, the « crin » or the flower petals ornating the headbands. It is a matter of balance between lights and shadows, we can either guess a human-being, either an unknown creature, confuse shapes and colors and let our imagination do the work. The frontier between the hat and its holder is also tricky, we would swear there is none or that it is obvious, it can be transparent at some point or completely opaque, so the equilibrium is preserved.

Behind a curtain of water or mist, mysterious nymphs wearing couture headpieces are dancing in a way they can hide and observe you with a kind of innocence.

It is this unstructured harmony that characterizes our next collection where butterflies, crystals and feathers are in orbit.

Photo credits : Yang Wang Photography